Chimney Cleaning

This is done to remove build-up and prevent chimney fires and unclog the chimney to stop smoke backing up

Chimney Inspection

This is done to check for safety in using the chimney,to find any hazards or problems that make it unsafe and unstable.

Chimney Inspection

Chemical Process to get rid of the buildup in your chimney.

Deglazing and Acid Washes

Remove sap and creosote (flamamable material that collects in the chimney) this goes beyond a regular sweep and prevents chimney fire.

Chemical Burn

A chemical burn is done to remove mold from the chimney due to water encrouchment.

Installation of Spark Arrestors

A spark arrestor is necesary to prevent sparks escaping from the chimney onto the roof or surrounding trees and to prevent animals falling into the chimney and getting stuck. The arrestor also stops water getting into the chimney and causing damage to the inside of the chimney and the firebox.

Complete Chimney Repair

Above and below the roofline, repairs to the firebox all done to keep your fireplace safe.

Damper repairs

It is a California required code to have a working damper. This is done when possible.

New Damper Installation

This is done meet CA building code 5607 and to save on heating and cooling costs of the house, also to prevent water encrouchment.

Crown and Flashing Repairs

Sealing cracks and holes above the roofline prevents roof leaks and water encrouchment to the inside of the chimney.

Watersealing the Chimney

To protect brick and mortar from deterioration on the outside and prevent water encrouchment to the inside. That way we avoid cracks and holes that need repairing in the future

Safety Inspections and Certifications

This is done for home buyers and sellers.